Blu Karb recycles industrial and forestry wood waste,

in environmentally friendly equipment,

to produce charcoal.

The fundamentals of Blu Karb charcoal production

  • technology feeding ovens with wood chips,
  • to avoid breaking the charcoal after combustion, which saves 25% of production compared to competition,
  • total elimination of soil contamination thanks to the recovery of tars,
  • reduction of gas emissions which are burnt in flares, the hot gases are recovered,
  • little production of broken charcoal and dust: around 25% less than the competition,
  • high quality charcoal, fixed carbon content> 82%,
  • possibility of producing charcoal for industrial use (fixed carbon rate> 90%),
  • semi-continuous carbonization technique allowing cycles of around 1 day on average,
  • 10-kilns factory producing 3,000 tonnes / year of charcoal requires a land of just 1 hectare.

Charcoal production

Our strategic objectives

The "MAGE" technology, which is implemented by Blu Karb, is a process of supra-carbonization of wood intended for the production of charcoal.


Blu Karb pursues three objectives to meet its strategy:

  1. to produce industrial renewable green energy, namely high-quality charcoal, while reducing gas emissions thanks to their recovery to transform them into hot air. This is part of the industrial sector's mitigation efforts in charcoal production.
  2. reforest to counter desertification and soil degradation, but also provide wood for charcoal production plants to preserve existing forests. Reforestation contributes to the creation of forest carbon sinks.
  3. recover industrial and forest wood waste so as to transform it into charcoal, which is a renewable and sustainable energy.


Economic development and demographic pressure in the world affect the resilience of forest ecosystems and the agricultural sector, it is important to engage in the fight against global warming.

The founder: Jean-Pascal Mage

Co-founding manager who developed with his father, Jacques Mage, engineer specializing in 'Steel', an innovative process for the production of charcoal.

He then spent 15 years marketing this charcoal production process worldwide.

Since 2010, he has been an expert consultant and consultant mandated by UNIDO and has revived the industrial activity of charcoal production through the BLU KARB® brand.