How does Blu Karb conceive the theme of climate change ?


Blu Karb's main themes are the reduction of CO2 emissions in the production of industrial charcoal and the creation of carbon sinks through reforestation.


To achieve this:


- Blu Karb uses the world-patented "MAGE" technology, which reduces CO2 emissions during carbonization. In fact, the gases emitted during combustion are centralized in a chimney and then destroyed, finally generating hot air. This hot air is a source of energy that can for example feed a dry-kiln or a turbine.


- Blu Karb is also committed to sustainable forest management through reforestation to supply its mills while preserving the local forest.


How does Blu Karb plan to align ongoing projects with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ?


The main United Nations objectives to which Blu Karb responds to are :


- Protecting the planet : Blu Karb reforests and uses wood waste that would have emitted a significant amount of CO2 by decomposing. The technology used by Blu Karb improves CO2 emission by 30% compared to traditional or artisanal methods.


- Ensure the health of all : the technology used by Blu Karb achieves a fixed carbon > 82%, which preserves the health of consumers. On the other hand, the use of Blu Karb furnaces reduces employee contact with charcoal.


- Eradicate poverty : Blu Karb ensures a year-round, non-seasonal income for people without qualifications, and develops a sustainable socio-economic activity.


What actions has Blu Karb developed for the benefit of employees or the community ?


- Blu Karb provides training for employees and retraining for the people from the craft sector.


- Blu Karb has developed a protection system for workstations exposed to bad weather.


- The technology used by Blu Karb also avoids the pollution of soils, so water tables, and residues from carbonization - such as pyroligneous juices - are recovered and enhanced.


- By recovering and enhancing the wood waste of communities and individuals, Blu Karb avoids wildfires and fire risks.


How important is eco-innovation in Blu Karb's innovation process ?


The eco-innovation of Blu Karb concerns the entire production chain : input, technology and output.


- The input is a wood pre-cut by Blu Karb and then dried, in order to have a faster combustion that releases less CO2.


- Blu Karb uses a single production unit : a durable furnace that turns the wood into charcoal in 24 hours, burns the gases emitted by supercooling, and can reuse the residual hot air.


- The output is a quality product without breaks or dust.


How does Blu Karb relate sustainability and business strategy ?


Blu Karb exploits wood or industrial wood residues, waste from pruning carried out by municipalities, and uses wood from forest fires.


Blu Karb is reforesting for the sustainable supply of the plants without cutting down local forests.


The bagging of charcoal produced by Blu Karb is made of recycled bags and cartons.


Supercarbon furnaces used by Blu Karb have more than a 10 years durability and are 100% recyclable.



For the same quantity of charcoal produced, Blu Karb reduces its raw material needs by 30%.