Commitments in charcoal production

- To our customers

Blu Karb produces high quality charcoal, respectful of the health of consumers thanks to fixed carbon> 82%.


Blu Karb's charcoal is packed in a recycled cardboard box, allowing a clean, quick and easy ignition.


Blu Karb markets a patented industrial tool, resistant, reliable and adapted to the economic and social models of our export customers.

- To our teams

Blu Karb's industrial equipment, used by the teams that produce the charcoal, meets current safety standards.


Blu Karb's facilities protect the workers who produce charcoal from the elements.


Blu Karb's workers are not in contact with fire, almost not with charcoal and there is little dust generation.

- To the environment

The technology used by Blu Karb consumes 30% less wood than the competitor for the same amount of charcoal.


The equipment used by Blu Karb allows the recovery of industrial and forestry wood waste valued in high quality charcoal.


The carbon emissions of the technology implemented by Blu Karb for the production of charcoal are greatly reduced by the combustion of fumes.