Blu Karb and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

"Corporate social responsibility is part of Blu Karb's DNA" says founder, Jean-Pascal MAGE.


Blu Karb participates in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at eradicating poverty and hunger by 2030, while recognizing that human development and the preservation of the environment are inseparable.


In continuation of this vision, Blu Karb's objectives offer a perspective which is on the agenda worldwide. These social and environmental challenges are played out on all continents, with greater criticality in Africa. In fact, 80% of the population of this continent cooks their food, boils their water and heats up with charcoal.


Blu Karb integrates these CSR objectives into its roadmaps:

  • implement a technology that does not affect the environment: made with 100% recyclable materials on all continents,
  • deploy a local workforce, retrain artisanal charcoal burners and train them in industrial carbonization,
  • produce charcoal from quality at a fair price,
  • ensuring decent jobs for employees,
  • participating in reforestation,
  • supporting the socio-economic development of local populations,
  • promoting social inclusion through the development of a local economy.

Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in relation to Blu Karb's actions

Blu Karb's charcoal fights poverty

Blu Karb creates decent jobs in its charcoal production plants, and promotes social inclusion through the socio-economic development of indirect jobs, especially with agroforestry.

Blu Karb's charcoal helps fight hunger

Blu Karb reforests with Acacia Mangium, an ideal tree for charcoal production, which promotes a dynamic and productive agricultural sector, because cassava or eggplants grow between rows of trees. This tree species promotes organic beekeeping.

Blu Karb's charcoal helps human health

The quality of the charcoal produced reduces the health risks of consumers. In addition, the employees are protected from gas emissions from carbonization, and the plant tars do not pollute the groundwater because they are recovered.

Blu Karb's charcoal is green energy

Blu Karb provides local populations with access to renewable energy at a fair, reliable and sustainable price. Blu Karb's technology for producing charcoal can be implanted in the most remote places, since it does not need external energy.

Blu Karb creates decent jobs to produce charcoal

Blu Karb offers productive jobs in its factories which are sustainable, given the strong growth in the market. Reforestation ensures current and future generations to benefit from the growth of this activity.

The technology used by Blu Karb to produce charcoal is clean

The industrialization which is implemented by Blu Karb to produce charcoal is one of the three engines of economic growth, the durability of the ovens makes it possible to consolidate sustainable development.

Blu Karb's technology to produce charcoal uses less wood

Blu Karb's technology for producing charcoal requires 30% less wood than competitors in the craft sector! It is a responsible use and erases wood resources. Blu Karb uses industrial and forestry wood waste to produce charcoal.

Blu Karb's technology to produce charcoal preserves the environment

The technology that Blu Karb uses for the production of charcoal makes it possible to recover the gas emissions to transform them into hot air to ensure the pre-drying of the wood, which contributes to the fight against Greenhouse gas emissions.

Blu Karb's technology to produce charcoal helps save wildlife

The reforestation that Blu Karb wants to promote for the production of charcoal makes it possible to restore biodiversity, promotes the return of rains and preserves the local fauna because the original forest is preserved from deforestation.